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The compliance layer

Focus on developping your app, we provide the compliance

Smart Digital Identity

Use your data for building on actionnable and incorruptible (PikcioChain) identity

Smart individualized relationships

Invite your customer to take advantage of the richness of their data

Smart and secure personal assistant

Ask Pikcio to turn your personal data into actions

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Compliant personal data management

Current personal data management solutions are facing an increasing pressure from the American & European legislations.
At MatchupBox, we consider this to be a good move towards a better respect of privacy. This is why we built our solutions from the grownd up on a Privacy by design basis. Our products are fully compliant with any existing or upcoming regulations, both in the US and Europe.
We stand for compliancy, responsibility, transparency and greater control.


Matchupbox framework drastically reduce the costly, constraining and often ineffective methods used by big centralized servers to protect consumer's data. MatchUpBox supports permissions, protection, and auditing on data. Our decentralized, crowdsourced architecture connects all the stakeholders of personal data removing risk and increasing resilience of networked systems of databases. We oversee the activity of the data analysis process without getting access to, or putting at risk the analysis content. We serve as a third party guarantee ensuring transparency and authenticity from all entities involved.


Because Trust is at the core of strong client relationships, we bring consumers and companies together, approaching personal data in a more balanced way that forges a two- way trust relationship. Consumers deliver better quality data in a trusted environment. Consumers that are able to manage and protect their privacy better are more likely to share information than those who are not. Our infrastructure offers greater control and transparency to consumers, enabling companies to see where they stand in terms of their trust capital.

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