Building the most trusted technology for protecting and sharing personal data, one user at a time.


Simply tag the file and it will be encrypted and safe. Keep always control on what others can see and for how long.


Automatically Sync files between all your devices, including cloud storage, and keep all your files organized by customized environments.


No central server collecting your data, no tracking. Data never leaves your devices. Surf completely anonymous.


Build different personal environments with trusted contacts. Then share without risk.

With Safe2... you take back the control
of your data

With Safe2Contact you can select your peers of trust, exchange encrypted messages with them and enjoy the total decentralization of your profile data. Built on the foundation of Safe2Net, Safe2Contact achieve the best possible privacy by design.

Safe2Save enables you to save your encrypted data into your peers of trust, to achieve the most secure redundancy. In such way you can retrieve your personal data from any device directly by connecting your trusted peers.

When you browse Internet, all your queries and personal information are gathered by the network providers to re-use it for various purposes. Safe2Browse makes you totally invisible to them, and the personal information you engaged on the network cannot be associated to your profile. Therefore you will be totally anonymous.

Safe2App enables you to share with your trusted peers small files. It also includes a complete contact management feature to define with whom you are willing to share which information.

Safe4home is the protected box,
for your privacy and sharing of data with your friends.

Safe4home is a little box we designed to give you protection and control of your personal data, as you browse and interact on the Internet. It is a stand-alone, all-in-one privacy device designed to give you protection and control of your personal data, as you browse and interact on the Internet, on any device, wherever you are.

With Safe4home, you can browse the Internet without fear of your personal data being compromised. You take back control of who accesses your data. What do we mean by control? You decide what personal data you are comfortable sharing, and with whom, and for how long. It’s your choice! Not someone else’s.

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Who we are

We are entrepreneurs who believe that personal data on the internet should be protected, controlled and mediated by its users. We created Matchupbox to be the global technology provider improving the personal data ecosystem in the digital world. We spent the last few years building Safe2Net, a trusted data storage and exchange framework. Now Safe2Net is the strong foundation of our applications development i.e. Safe2Apps.

Didier Collin de Casaubon, Founder and CEO of MatchUpBox.

What we do

Internet user's data and information represent real assets for many web organizations. Consequently, they often engage complex models and processes to obtain and share our personal data. MatchUpBox develops services and solutions to protect your data over the web. Our goal is to deliver you the best protection to browse, store, sync, share, access and manage your personal data in the most intuitive environment possible. To realize our ambitions we have created Safe2Net a data storage and exchange trusted framework.

Our motivation

MatchUpBox is motivated to lead new IT ideas and concepts to life. Innovation is our motivation engine as our clients' satisfaction and their unerring trust.

Our interests

Our interests are articulated around security and privacy on the internet and social networking. But the scope of our research can be extended to various IT concepts.

Our objective

Our objective is to give you back the control of your data, and let you decide with who you want to share it. We provide you privacy and security on the internet.

Technology Safe2net

You take back control of your data

What do we mean by control?
Our technology helps you regain control of your data and to interact safely on the Internet. You are anonymous any time you are connected. All the content you put under the protection of our framework is protected and only accessible to you and those whom you authorize.
The main advantage
With our technology, you can share any files privately. Not only do you decide with whom to share, but also you control how long you share this data.
The 3 components of our Safe2net Trusted Exchange Framework
The Matriochka, P2P System and the Trusted Identification System.

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The underlying technology behind Safe2Net

Our trusted exchange framework is designed with four levels of innovation. First, user’s privacy is achieved with a decentralized P2P approach. Secondly, protection and anonymity are achieved with communication obfuscation through anonymous routing techniques; third, confidentiality is achieved through the use of specific encryption. Last but not least, the search through heterogeneous and a-synchronized data. In order to provide a privacy preserving and trusted OSN, as opposed to existing on-line social networking applications, we adopt a decentralized architecture relying on the cooperation among peer-to-peer users while leveraging real-life links. Instead of storing their private data at a single and centralized OSN provider, users replicate and store their content at several peers that are their real-life friends.

Our Company, our Team

Didier Collin de Casaubon

Product Manager

"Serial entrepreneur"

Dr. Mikhail Fridberg

Electronic device

"Hardware, firmware, algorithms..."

Dr. Piotr Goszczinsky

Embedded system

"Expert in embedded systems"

Fabien Bucamp


"Network and Security"

Dr. Jorick Lartigau


"Inspirations for the future"

Yves de Montcheuil


"Market expert"

Cherie Arruda


"Make sense of our chaos"

Dr. Refik Molva


"Expert in network security"

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